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Injuredbikers.com was founded by nationally renowned motorcycle Attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez‚ who has been Riding motorcycles for over 40 years. He is not only is an expert motorcycle rider‚ but he is an expert in motorcycle accident cases. He has been in various media including TV News, Newspapers, Magazines, he has spoken before the American Bar Association at their annual convention for attorneys‚ given speeches at law schools and before the Confederation of clubs. He has represented all types of motorcycle riders from the most experienced‚ to persons on scooters and bicycles.

Mr. Fernandez was sick and tired of seeing all the deceptive advertising tactics at various motorcycle rallies nationwide by certain entities. Some of the biggest names in motorcycle attorneys don’t even ride motorcycles. One big outfit sells franchises to regular personal injury attorneys for a fee in order for generic personal injury attorneys to be a part of their network.

Mr. Fernandez believes that these blatant misleading advertising tactics geared towards bikers is a disservice to the motorcycle community of which he is a part of.

Mr. Fernandez provides quality expert legal representation as the one Real Biker Lawyer who rides, to motorcycle accident victims, including riders and passengers all over California and other states. That’s why he founded injuredbikers.com.

Injuredbikers.com is The Law Offices of Norman Gregory Fernandez, We are Real Deal Bikers who ride just like you.

Mr. Fernandez assures you of that we at injuredbikers.com will do our utmost to get you maximum compensation in your case.

For free consultation on your motorcycle accident case anywhere in California or other states, give us a call at 800–816–1529, or click here now.

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