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How you or your law firm can become a part of provides a unique opportunity to select attorneys all over the United States of America in each of the 50 states.

The way we are presently structured, we’re looking for reputable and experienced personal injury attorneys in each state to associate with on motorcycle accident cases. If you or your associates are motorcycle riders or experienced handling motorcycle accident cases it will be a plus.

We do not charge you any money up front to associate with us.

We do require you to fill out an application, and maintain current errors and omissions insurance.

After the initial application, and if we accept you, you’ll be required to go through a short training class with nationally renowned motorcycle accident attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez, the founder of The training can be done by videoconference, or by telephone.

As stated above, we are presently not charging any money whatsoever upfront to be a part of If you are accepted, we will refer cases to you in your state, in return for a referral fee from the fees collected at the end of the case, as allowed by your particular state.

The details of this arrangement will be further specified during the application process.

Depending upon the state that you are in, and our arrangement, it is possible that you could be the exclusive attorney for a specific state.

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