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If you have been in a motorcycle accident‚ or you have been injured as a passenger in a motorcycle accident‚ most of the time you’re catastrophically injured‚ and some of the time you may be injured but still be able to walk around. It doesn’t matter how bad you’re injured‚ we can guarantee you in almost all cases you will get less money trying to handle the accident on your own‚ then you will retaining attorney.

We here at are lawyers and attorneys who handle motorcycle accident cases. We are experts in getting maximum compensation for you in your motorcycle accident injury case.

If you are not at fault‚ or even partially at fault‚ we will fight to get you:

  • Get your motorcycle fixed including accessories‚ or the full fair market value of your motorcycle.
  • All out–of–pocket expenses related to the accident such as medical bills‚ transportation why your motorcycles being fixed‚ transportation to and from the doctor‚ pharmaceuticals‚ loss of wages‚ future losses related to what’s mentioned above‚ and loss of earning capacity.
  • Medical treatment even if you do not have medical insurance‚ this includes future medical.
  • Pain and suffering including future pain and suffering.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life‚ the things that you cannot do while you’re injured that you used to be a will to do before the accident‚ including future loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Emotional distress‚ including future emotional distress.
  • If you’re married your spouse will have a case for loss of consortium which is a loss of loving enjoyment in the marital household while you’re injured.

The insurance companies don’t just pay these damages and money out‚ and you sure do not know how to get them on your own. You have nothing to lose by calling us and retaining us to represent you, and everything to lose if you do not because the insurance companies know that you without an attorney are virtually clueless at what to do.

Don’t be a sucker and accept minimal money from the insurance company as a settlement without first consulting with us.

  • We charge no money into your pocket and lesser recover for you
  • we do not charge any money to handle the property damage party your case
  • we will be responsive to you if you hire us
  • remember we ride like you

Help is just a phone call away‚ call us anytime at 800–816–1529‚ or click here now

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