Motorcycle Accidents

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident‚ or you were injured riding as a passenger in a motorcycle accident‚ you are most likely here to get help‚ find out what to do‚ what to expect‚ and what type of compensation you are entitled to.

Motorcycle accident cases in the United States are usually catastrophic‚ which means that in many cases the injuries involved‚ and the time to recover‚ are much more extensive than those of persons injured in a car accident cases.

Unlike passengers in cars‚ we motorcycle riders have only what we are wearing as protection in a motorcycle injury accident. When the human body hits the asphalt there is usually broken bones‚ road rash‚ torn ligaments‚ potential brain injury‚ internal injuries‚ and more.

For this reason‚ it is imperative you choose the right motorcycle accident lawyer for your case.

Now there are outfits out there that advertise for motorcycle accident cases simply because they view motorcycle accident victims as a marketing target. You have probably seen them at major motorcycle rallies‚ on TV‚ and in magazines.

These outfits spend tons of money to get your attention and your business. But most of these attorneys don’t know the first thing about riding a motorcycle. They are basically generic personal injury attorneys that probably could not tell you how to shift gears on a motorcycle from 1st gear to 2nd gear‚ let alone understand the principles required to actually ride a motorcycle in traffic.

If you hire this type of attorney you may get money‚ but you will almost always get more money with an experienced motorcycle attorney‚ an attorney that actually ride a motorcycle. was founded by nationally renowned motorcycle attorney Norman Gregory Fernandez‚ who has been Riding motorcycles for over 40 years. He not only is an expert motorcycle rider‚ but he is an expert in motorcycle accident cases. been in the media on TV News, magazines, and newspapers, he has spoken before the American Bar Association at their annual convention for attorneys‚ and has given speeches at law schools and before the Confederation of clubs. He has represented all types of motorcycle riders from the most experienced‚ to persons on scooters and bicycles.

Mr. Fernandez states that the first thing you need to do after a motorcycle accident anywhere in the United States‚ is to ensure that your health is attended to‚ meaning you get treatment for your injuries as soon as possible.

Mr. Fernandez has had clients who have literally called him with life–threatening injuries such as puncture lungs‚ and brain injuries‚ who did not receive adequate treatment from the initial doctor’s they went to.

You should always go to an emergency room or doctor after a motorcycle accident no matter how minor you think the accident is. If possible you should even call a paramedic.

The nature and extent of your injuries and your medical bills are usually directly proportional to how much money you will get in your case.

Most motorcycle riders including men and women‚ seem to be a tougher bunch than the ordinary person that do not ride motorcycles. Often times motorcycle riders with serious injuries‚ will be more worried about their motorcycles‚ or the embarrassment of laying on the ground‚ then their own health.

Do not make this mistake. accept paramedic transport to a hospital‚ or go to a hospital just as soon as possible after the accident to get medical treatment.

If you are able‚ call us immediately at 800–816–1529‚ even before you call your insurance company. Anything you say can and will be used against you in your case‚ and it’s better to talk through us your motorcycle accident attorney‚ then to talk to the insurance company directly yourself. Even in an intentional statement made by you could adversely affect your case. If you are unable to call us‚ have your significant other‚ a family member‚ or a friend call us on your behalf. We at will move quickly to start working on your case.

Mr. Fernandez has many times gone to a hospital to visit a downed motorcycle rider. As a 40–year motorcycle rider himself he understands what you’re going through.

It is imperative that you retain an attorney‚ preferably an attorney from‚ or another experience motorcycle injury attorney as soon as possible.

Selecting an attorney is not covered in this article other than to say that if you select an inexperienced attorney to do your motorcycle case‚ you will not in most cases not receive the compensations you would get‚ had you hired an experienced attorney like the attorneys at

If you retain‚ we will work with you to ensure that you’re getting the proper medical treatment. If you do not have medical insurance‚ we will attempt to find a doctor who will treat you on a lien basis which means that you do not have to pay your medical costs until the end of the case. We will do this anywhere in California and other states.

The next thing we will do is have our investigators obtain police reports‚ witness statements‚ and any other evidence from the scene of the accident which will be helpful in prosecuting your case.

We will contact the insurance companies to have adjusters come out to look at your motorcycle. In many motorcycle cases‚ the motorcycle is total. This means that the repair cost exceeds the fair market value of the motorcycle.

Injured guarantees that you will not be charged for any fee whatsoever related to getting your motorcycle either fixed‚ or to get compensated for the fair market value of your motorcycle if it is deemed to be irreparable.

Many motorcycle attorneys will charge an administrative fee to do the property damage your motorcycle. We have seen fees from $300 up to $5000. As motorcycle attorneys we think this practice is despicable and we will never do it.

When you retain us‚ you will be charged on a contingency basis which means no money out of your pocket‚ unless we recover for you. We get paid at the end of the case. You do not have to worry about putting any money out of your pocket on your case. We front all the money for you.

For help call us now 7 days a week‚ 24 hours a day at 800–816–1529 or click here to submit your case.

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