Does this picture show the soul of a dead biker leaving his body?

Author: Norman Gregory Fernandez, Esq.
July 15, 2016

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Alleged image of soul leaving body

Is this the soul of a dead motorcycle rider leaving his body after an accident?

Today, an image was taken of emergency crews right at the scene of a motorcycle accident in Powell County, Kentucky.

The photo, which was posted on Facebook by Saul Vazquez, a truck driver, shows a soft, human being-shaped figure soaring in the air above the body of the dead motorcyclist, who died in a motorcycle accident.

The motorcyclist, who has not yet been named, subsequently passed away in the hospital. Many Facebook users claim the ghostly apparition was his soul leaving his body.

‘Zoom in and pay attention to the apparition just over top of the state trooper’s cap,’ writes Mr Vazquez under the photo.

One user writes: ‘I think there’s a person that passed away is watching his looking down on his own body.’

Yet another contributes: ‘This is amazing! You are very blessed to have captured this photo.’

Yet another writes: ‘There is spirit of soul.’

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